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Losing control of the temperature in your house isn't just annoying; it can bring everything and everyone to a halt. It's hard to cook, work, study, relax, or do anything else when the thermostat is displaying a little (or a lot!) too hot or too cold.

At Berrett Home Services, we know what's at stake when there's a problem with the heating or cooling in your home. So, whether you need a repair, an upgrade, or an overhaul, we're all over it.

Hi, I'm Nathan Berrett,

and this is my family. Together with our team, we've been serving families in our area since 1999. When you trust us with your heating & cooling needs, you can expect:

Same or next-day emergency service
Professional, certified technicians
2-hour service windows

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Berrett Home Services Family

Family Owned & Operated Since 1999

250,000+ HomesServiced Across 3 States

Average Rating of 4.8/5 of 10,000+ Google Reviews

You call, and we spring into action.

Here's what you can expect:

You call us. 

We're a small family business, remember? That means you won't need to enter any numbers on your keypad; you'll just talk to a real person who can tell you how we can help! They'll get you scheduled and let you know when you can expect a technician, within a two-hour window. 

There is a $99 service fee, which can be applied towards our services if you choose to hire us.

We come right over.

But first, we'll send you the name of your technician, along with their picture, so you can open your door with confidence. (That's what we would want, if it were our house!) Our professional employees will wear booties to protect your floors, and they'll always tidy up their workspace, too. All of our service technicians are licensed and certified in their trade.

And we'll fix you right up!

Our crew carries most of what they need to fix the majority of issues right away, but some things may require more time. Regardless, we'll let you know exactly how we can help you, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. With your approval, we'll get right to work on your HVAC issue. Our goal is simple but unwavering: A satisfied customer!

Don't have an emergency need?

If you're looking for a quote for a new system or considering our whole-home purification options, give us a call. We'll help you explore our services at a pace that makes sense for you.

$119 Initial Pest Service

Includes General Pest Service + Warranty

Call or Chat for Details

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Heating & Cooling Repairs

There is just never a good time for your heating and cooling system to go down, but we'll do our best to provide quick service and knowledgeable feedback on your options. Trying to be proactive? Check out our Semi-Annual Maintenance Plan to stay on top of costly repairs.

Our furnace is very loud when it comes on. Should I be concerned?

Answer here

I'm on the maintenance plan! How often should I expect a visit?


FREE Termite Inspection

Proposed Treatment Plan Included

Call or Chat for Details

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New HVAC System Installation & Warranty

Even with regular maintenance, HVAC systems do eventually need to be replaced. The good news is we install Carrier and Trane systems. They are continually improving the energy-efficiency of their units, so replacing your system will pay off in the long run. All of our systems carry the manufacturer's factory warranty. 

What is the average life expectancy for a furnace?


Is there a long wait time for a new HVAC system?


$139 Initial German Roach Service

Includes First Two Treatments

Call or Chat for Details

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New Air Conditioner Installation & Warranty

There's nothing quite like an air-conditioned home in a hot, humid climate. We offer Carrier and Trane HVAC units, and all of our products carry the manufacturer's factory warranty. 

Do you sell portable air conditioning units?

No. We don’t sell portable air conditioners, window units, or stand-alone ac units.

How can I tell if my air conditioner is going out?


$99 Initial Mosquito Service

Ask about our In2care Mosquito Traps!

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Whole-Home Purification Systems

Even a clean home has millions of microscopic particles in the air, and we can improve the air quality of your home with a Whole-Home Purification System. They work to eliminate most germs, bacteria, chemical odors, vapors, and airborne particles for a fresher, cleaner home. 

Can this extend the life of my HVAC system?


Can this be installed in an older home?


Would this help with my seasonal allergies?


Semi-Annual Maintenance Plan

Responsible • Affordable • Valuable

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What our customers say

Found mouse poop. Freaked out. Called Berrett Pest control, and they'll be out this afternoon! Great customer service and prices, too!

Casey Williams

Berrett Pest Control is lovely. They go out to my property any time I call, the customer service in unmatched. I’ve been using them for 3 years now and they are a must on all my properties.

Tolu A

Great customer service and great knowledgeable technicians!!

Jarvis Small


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You're not just another service call.

Serving people is engrained in every square inch of this business. It's the right thing to do, but more than that, we just plain like connecting with people and meeting their needs. We find tremendous value in using our expertise to take frustrations off your hands. And, when our customers share their positive experiences with others? Well, that's how we've grown to serve more than 100,000 families since 1999. It's been one of life's greatest honors.

It'd be an honor to earn your trust.

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